Ultrasound Examinations

Gynaecology Ultrasound Examination

20 min 1000kr (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

This examination is for those who intend to undergo IVF treatment abroad and need ultrasound control of mucous membrane thickness and ovarian size. 

All pictures and a written report will be sent by e-mail to customers and / or doctors by email the same day.

Full Pelvic Ultrasound

30 min 1500kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

This scan is used to examine the reproductive organs and the pelvic area surrounding them. We can use this scan to look at womb lining, ovaries, cervix and uterus.

Reasons for having the scan include: 

  • to investigate pelvic pain, irregular periods or other menstrual problems

  • to confirm the diagnosis of fibroids or ovarian cysts

  • as part of your well woman screening

  • monitoring fibroids or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

  • to assess fertility or to assist your doctors if you are undergoing fertility treatment at another clinic

There are two types of scan, trans-vaginal and abdominal, we can help to recommend the right kind of pelvic ultrasound for you depending on medical history and reason for wanting the scan.

To prepare for a trans-vaginal ultrasound:

  • You can have a trans-vaginal scan when you’re having your period, but you will need to remove the tampon if you’re using one

  • You should empty your bladder just before your scan

  • You’ll need to remove the lower half of your clothing before the scan, so wear something that is easy to remove

For an abdominal ultrasound:

  • You should drink some water about an hour before the appointment and try not to empty your bladder until after the scan

  • We recommend that you wear clothes that can easily be pulled back to expose your abdomen

During a full pelvic ultrasound scan, our sonographer examines the condition of your whole reproductive system, measuring the uterus, ovaries and cervix and checking for abnormalities such as cysts or growths. We will also look for any issues in the surrounding pelvic area.

We can also use the full pelvic ultrasound scan to detect and locate an IUCD or coil if you have one implanted.

The sonographer will guide you through your results after the scan and we provide a full report which you can take to your doctor. Both the images and report can be sent electronically immediately to you and your referrer.

Anomaly scan

Anomaly investigation (week 18-20) 30 min 1300kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

This is a detailed anatomical examination of your child’s heart, brain, face, spine, intestines, stomach, kidneys and limbs to detect possible abnormalities. The position of the placenta, the amount of amniotic fluid and the umbilical cord are also investigated. In addition to investigating different body parts and organs, you measure the child’s head, brain, stomach and legs. This survey can never certainly guarantee that the child will develop normally, but it can provide a very good assurance that the child is developing as planned. If you like, sex can be determined. If any discrepancies are discovered, you will receive a detailed report to take to your midwife for further investigation.

If the child is in a good position, a 3D / 4D view can be made, if desired. The 3D / 4D image can be purchased separately for the price of 150kr for three.

Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy study (week 6 + 0-13) 20 min 800kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).
Also includes video clips of heartbeat sent via email and 2 black and white images in hand.An early ultrasound pregnancy test, also known as a viability study, can confirm a pregnancy and provide a preliminary date of birth. 
This study can be offered during pregnancies after week 6. A cardiac check is performed, if no heartbeat can be confirmed, a second visit will be added at no additional cost.

Growth control

Growth control (weeks 14-38) 20 min 1100kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

From week 14 to 38, we ensure that important agencies are in place. In addition, measurement of the child’s head and legs is taken. After week 25, measurement of the child’s head, legs, belly and amount of fetal water are taken and and the position of the placenta is observed. We will determine sex at the earliest from week 16+0. If the child is in a good position, a 3D / 4D view can be made, if desired.

The 3D / 4D image can be purchased separately for the price of 150kr for three.

If any discrepancies are discovered during the scan, we prepare a detailed report that you can take to MVC for further follow-up.

Gender scan

Gender (from week 16+0) 20 min 1000kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

Gender determination can be made from week 16 + 0. We do not conduct this survey to assist in the selection of children of the desired gender. 

In the event that sex can not be determined, a second examination is offered at no additional cost.

If the child is in a good position,  you can choose to view in 3D/4D, this image can be purchased separately for 150kr for three.

Any discrepancies discovered during an investigation are put in a detailed report that you can take to MVC for further follow-up.

Payment can be made by Swish and Card only, we do not accept cash. 


Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your visit and feel relaxed when you are with us:

  • Arrive a few minutes before your booked time so you can take some time to relax before your examination.

  • If your partner or relative travels separately, please ask them to arrive in good time as well.

  • Bring something to eat before your examination.

  • Make sure you drink plenty days before your examination. A pretty full bladder will improve the visibility of examinations for early pregnancies

  • If you have to bring children under 5 years old, we recommend to bring a babysitter with you.