About us

At the Crocus Ultrasound Clinic we have two trained sonographers: Ladoya and Monique who specialise in diagnostic examinations using ultrasound.

To become a sonographer, specialist training and skills are required and to be able to analyse the information produced during the scan a sonographer must understand the physics of ultrasound, a cross sectional anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

Ladoya is fluent in both Swedish and English whilst Monique is fluent in English and is learning Swedish.

Monique is a radiographer and a clinical specialist in diagnostic medical ultrasound. She is has been a certified ultrasound researcher for two years, with more than four years of clinical experience in ultrasound. Monique successfully completed the Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Sonography Principles and Instrumentation at the Burwin Institute of Medical Diagnostic Sonography (2015) Canada. Monique is also a graduate from the University of the West Indies, Mona with a bachelor’s degree (Honors) degree in diagnostic radiography (2013) and has practised both radiography and sonography.


Ladoya is the owner and manager of the clinic, specialising in medical diagnostic ultrasound examination (sonograph). With over 9 years of experience in clinical ultrasound diagnosis, 7 years of which took place within obstetric, gynecological and general ultrasound at City University in London. The majority of Ladoya’s experience comes from working at some of London’s most prestigious hospitals such as Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital. There, Ladoya got the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of situations and work with pioneers in fetal medicine. During the last four years Ladoya has lived and worked as a sonographer in Stockholm with the goal of  offering pregnant women her qualified services in a comfortable setting when it suits them at her clinic in Östermalm.