3D/4D Products

Growth Control and 3D/4D examination (w. 26-34)


Premium 3D/4D med HD live 1800kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

  • 40 minutes visit time
  • At least 15 digital 3D / 4D images received via email
  • DVD with video of survey
  • Four 3D prints in black and white
  • Two 3D Prints in Colour images.


Standard 3D/4D med HD live 1600kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

  • 30 minutes visit time
  • At least 15 digital 3D / 4D images received via email
  • Two video clips
  • Four 3D prints in black and white.


Mini 3D/4D med HD live 1350kr* (+ 200kr weekend surcharge).

  • 20 minutes visit time
  • 10 digital 3D / 4D images received via email
  • Two 3D prints in black and white.

 Extra costs: 200kr video on DVD and 150kr two 3D pictures in color

* Please note we are cash free and only accept payment by card or Swish.

Important information

A 4D ultrasound image is a 3D video that shows your child’s movement. Sometimes it is possible to record when your child is playing and / or other facial movements. 3D / 4D ultrasound images can be taken from week 26 to 34. The quality of the pictures depends a lot on the amount of fetal water around the child and the mother’s BMI. The bigger the amount of fetal water, the better the pictures. A mother with a normal BMI and the child’s face facing the mother’s stomach are ideal conditions for good pictures. 

However, this is not always guaranteed, so keep in mind that it may affect the quality of the images. We are open to give it some time for the child’s position to be adjusted and if the childs position is not ideal, you may be asked to take a short walk and return later. If this does not work, another examination will be offered at no additional cost. We reserve the right to make decisions when it is not possible to obtain 3D images or when an additional scan is necessary. 

If the sonographer considers fetal position or size will prevent getting acceptable images, you will be charged for a growth check instead. A growth check is always performed during a 3D / 4D survey. Gender can be determined if desired.

If any abnormalities of the fetus are discovered during an investigation, we prepare a detailed report that you can take to MVC for further follow-up.